Thursday, November 13, 2008

And The Winner Is...

I love this stage of Jack's life, but it clearly makes it evident that selflessness is something that needs to be taught. Last night I had a glimmer of hope that Jack will eventually grasp this concept.

This was our after-singing-before-I-leave-the-room conversation:
Mommy: I had fun with you today, Jack. Did you have fun?

Jack: Yes

Mommy: Do you like when Mommy stays home with you?

Jack: MmHmm

Mommy: When baby sister comes Mommy will be able to stay home with you every day for awhile. Will you like that?

Jack: Yeah. When baby sister comes she'll crawl right into my room.

Mommy: Baby sister will be too little to crawl into your room right away. But in a year, she'll be just like Wesley is now and she'll probably crawl into your room.

Jack: Then we can all have a race and baby sister will win!


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The Greene's said...

That's way too funny! And not only is he learning selflessness, he is learning early that girls are better at things than boys :)