Friday, January 29, 2016

Math is Sweet

A couple weeks ago Wes came home with what was probably my favorite homework assignment to date (and I've seen my fair share of homework assignments). In an effort to get some hands-on experience with measuring cups and spoons, he needed to help prepare a recipe, doing all the measuring himself. Of course my wheels started turning and I had to remind myself that this was Wesley's assignment, not mine. Because sometimes in the kitchen to be in charge. So we started brainstorming and Wes finally settled on sugar cookies. Since this was a math assignment, he wanted to create something math related so, unable to find operation-symbol-cookie-cutters, we set to creating number cookies, another essential part of the subject.

Because cutout cookies work best when the dough is cold, we knew we had a two-step process ahead of us. So Friday night we pulled out our ingredients

 photo DSC_0018_zpshldwegbs.jpg

and tools

 photo DSC_0022_zpspkqgsrf4.jpg

and got to work.

The first step was to sift the flour and baking powder together into a big bowl. Wesley learned the fine art of scooping and leveling flour while practicing his multiplication because we decided to double the recipe.

 photo DSC_0023_zpskeyfwx7m.jpg

Then he cracked the eggs,

measured, and whisked in the vanilla.

Next it was time to cream the butter and sugar. Adding the butter meant a lesson in measuring weight as well as volume.

 photo DSC_0033_zpsdklikx09.jpg

 photo DSC_0038_zpsh9buuipn.jpg

 photo DSC_0051_zpsvakpqn3v.jpg

With the bowl thoroughly scraped,

 photo DSC_0054_zpsseczljtf.jpg

Wes slowly added the eggs and vanilla and finished up by adding the flour mixture.

 photo DSC_0055_zpsweplt3vw.jpg

After popping the dough into the refrigerator, it was time to clean up and get ready for step two.

 photo DSC_0057_zpsfoyuu0u8.jpg

Refreshed from a night of sleep (and some of us still in our pj's),

 photo DSC_0064_zpsyo5ozjut.jpg

we were ready to roll, cut,

 photo DSC_0067_zpsf94wujrh.jpg

bake, and cool.

 photo DSC_0068-2_zpseukiy5jf.jpg

 photo DSC_0069_zpsymake5n8.jpg

Once the cookies were completely cool, we mixed up the icing and I gave Wesley a quick lesson on how to frost and flood his cookies. He chose the colors, iced all but one of the numbers,

 photo DSC_0074-2_zpss3dzbs9b.jpg

and even improvised to make a "10" by sticking a "1" and "0" together with icing.

 photo DSC_0073-2_zpsvvvori4j.jpg

Wesley delivered a full set of numbers to his math teacher and the rest were divided (pun definitely intended) among the rest the family.