Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Another Year Begins

This morning we ventured back into the familiar...

but not quite as familiar as previous years. A new school (building) meant a later start date. A darker morning coupled with rainy skies required inside pictures for our crew instead of the front porch pictures we've done in the past.

Today the kids started their first day of 5th grade,

3rd grade,

2nd grade,

and another year of preschool.

Clearly there was a lot of energy as we headed out the door.

Because of all the changes at school, I got the privilege of helping students get to their classes in the morning. That meant the start of preschool would have to wait a couple hours. To my surprise, Miss Evie was ready and waiting when I got home to dive right back into her preschool routine. After an introduction to the calendar and a quick review of the letter sounds she learned last year, we're ready to tackle the last half of her reading book. Once we got started, there was no stopping her. This girl LOVES to learn.

As is our first day of school tradition, we headed out for ice cream after dinner. Normally the newest student gets to choose where we go for ice cream, but since this first day of school happens to land on Sean's birthday, he had the honor of choosing. Rita's didn't know what hit 'em. We took up over half the little shop. Really...there were only two chairs left for the many other customers.

Happy birthday, daddy!

So. Much. Energy.