Monday, December 29, 2008


We are still anticipating "baby sister," as she is commonly referred to around our house. I had mild contractions all night Thursday and was sure we'd be going to the hospital Friday night, but no such luck.

We were talking to Jack about how all this "sibling stuff" works and that pretty soon he would have a little brother and a little sister. We continued, explaining that Wesley was going to have a big brother and a little sister. Then I asked him what baby sister was going to have. "A dress," he replied.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Happy Birthday Jack!

I know, I'm a little late in getting this up. "Better late than never" has become my motto in the last month as I try to juggle all the things that go along with this stage of life...

Jack turned 3 last Saturday. In the same breath I can honestly say "I can't believe he's already 3" and "I can't believe he's only 3." In my hormonal state (I think it's true what they say about carrying girls), I can't write all the nice things I'd like to about my eldest without risk of spending the rest of the night sobbing so you'll just have to make up your own nice things and maybe someday I'll get around to sharing my own.

Jack spent the morning sledding with Daddy down our hill in the backyard.

First he went with Daddy...

Then he tried it alone...

Walking up was not much fun...

Four times down the hill was enough. Jack got his shovel and started helping clear the driveway. This should be read, "shoveled small scoops of snow back onto the driveway that Sean had just cleared." Good thing the shovel wasn't any bigger...

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Now That's a Time Out

Whenever our parents stay for dinner we eat in the dining room so there is enough room for all of us. Until recently, we've had Jack in the high chair and Wesley in the booster seat with a tray. Well Jack finally outgrew the high chair so now he sits at the big table. The only problem is that his booster seat doesn't fit under the table that well so he ends up sitting at the end of the table - Sean's typical spot. Last night, since he was sitting in Daddy's spot, he thought he would be Daddy and Daddy could be Jack. After establishing this fact, the following conversation took place:

Mommy: If you're Daddy, are you going to help me discipline Jack?
Jack: Yes
Daddy: What will you do if I have a tantrum?
Jack: You have to sit in the time out chair for two minutes
Daddy: What if I'm still crying after two minutes?
Jack: Then you have to sit in Mommy's chair for two weeks!