Monday, August 24, 2015

Another Beginning

Today marked the fifth first day of school for our family. Three years ago I took this picture.


The next year I took a similar picture, it's just that the kids were older.

 photo DSC_0991_zps2d23d14f.jpg

It only seemed appropriate that I take another one the following year.

 photo DSC_0209-2_zps52e58f2b.jpg

Which brings me to this year. Today I sent my babies off to 4th, 2nd and 1st grades. The littlest one stayed with me and will start preschool at home with me in a couple weeks.

 photo DSC_0699_zpswgch4v9x.jpg

First day of 4th grade

 photo DSC_0685_zpsgk9g1iah.jpg

First day of 2nd grade

 photo DSC_0695_zps6su4nhmt.jpg

First day of 1st grade

 photo DSC_0692_zpssfb7hg6h.jpg

First day of...oh wait... Not quite yet, baby girl.

 photo DSC_0687_zps5dknfck4.jpg