Friday, February 25, 2011


Thanks to the friendliness of "strangers" and Sean's boldness in proclaiming his faith, we found a temporary church family while in Kauai. Why "strangers"? Because fellow believers are never really strangers are they? We spent Sunday mornings at a little church about one block away from our condo called Kapa'a Missionary Church

After church on the first Sunday, we went to brunch at 22 Degrees North (the longitude of Kauai...or so they claim...I didn't actually verify this claim), a restaurant on the Kilohana Plantation. The brunch was delicious and the scenery beautiful, despite a little clouds and rain. The tables were situated around a courtyard, giving guests the opportunity to enjoy the flora, fauna and "wildlife." In addition to the roosters, hens and chicks strutting around the courtyard, little birds (some kind of pigeon maybe?) hopped around on the floor by our table. I couldn't decide if I felt like Snow White or Melanie Daniels (from The Birds). Sean won the who-can-eat-the-most-at-brunch-contest, but who can blame him when he had so many options? This is his open-face omelet topped with some fancy kind of veal.




The second Sunday was our last day on the island and, even though our flight didn't leave until 9:45 that evening, we needed to be out of our condo by noon. So after church this Sunday our brunch wasn't nearly as fancy. We pulled out all of the food in the condo and went to work creating our own masterpieces. This was our group effort. Please don't show our kids this evidence that their parents do, in fact, play with their food!


After lunch, we headed out of our condo for the last time, stashed our bags at the reception desk and headed poolside. This is our condo.


We played a few hands of Dominion under the shade of a thatched umbrella.


Then it was time to hit the pool.


And take advantage of the water slide.


Once changed and ready to say our final goodbye to the Waipoui Beach Resort, we headed down to the ocean for a group shot on the beach.




Goodbye sun...and surf...and sand...and...

Five Question Friday

Time for Five Question Friday again with Mama M.

1. Can you drive a stick shift?

If I had to. But I'm sure I'd kill it a bazillion times between where I was and where I needed to be.

2. What are two foods you just can't eat?

Raw oysters. I've tried, but I just can't do it, much to the chagrin of my husband who will try (nearly) anything. And licorice. Not the red kind (that kind is good), but I don't think that really counts as licorice. I'm talking about the black kind. Gross.

3. Do you buy Girl Scout Cookies? What is your favorite kind?

I used to buy Girl Scout cookies. The Samoas are my absolute favorite. But since I can eat an entire box in one sitting (and probably would given that the sweet tooth I developed when I was pregnant with my daughter has never gone away) and that's not a very healthy practice, I try to just leave them with the girls.

4. How do you pamper yourself?

I think, by definition, pampering is an act done for you by another person, not something you can do for yourself. So...I don't. Pamper myself, I mean.

5. What is your nickname and how did you get it?

When I was little, my dad used to call me Boo Boo, but no one (including my dad) has called me that in years. Mostly my friends just call me Bec...short for Beckie...short for Rebecca.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

The North Shore

Not that north shore. If you're in the upper midwest you know this is about as opposite as you can get from our north shore right now. This, my friends, is the north shore of Kauai.

And this is the first beach we visited on our trip up the east and north shores.

1st Beach 1

We saw it from the road, pulled over and found a trail to climb down.




Through this...


and this...


to rolling,

1st Beach 2

crashing waves,
1st Beach 3
beautiful blue surf,

1st Beach 4
climbable trees,

Brian in Tree

and the perfect beginning to a fantastic vacation.


Next stop: the Hanalei Farmer's Market to get our fresh produce for the first part of the week, including rambutans, a new experience for all of us.

Farmer's Market
Another beach stop, but, hmm...I don't remember which one. Maybe Ke'e at the end of the road?

Lots of rocks. Lots of waves.

Lots of sun. Lots of smiles.

After a beautiful, albeit rocky and muddy, hike, we arrived at one of Kauai's precious gems. A bath for a queen? Not in the winter. This spot, called Queen's Bath, is usually a calm pool with lots of tropical sea life, fit for swimming.

Queen's Bath 2
Not this day.
 Queen's Bath 3
Not a chance.
 Queen's Bath 4
After "bath time" we stopped at the lighthouse lookout in Kilauea
 Kilauea Light House 2
for beautiful colors and waves
Kilauea Light House

and our first glimpse of the humpback whales! They were waaaay out there and we were waaaay up at the lookout so this picture doesn't do justice to the "amazingness" of this breaching whale, but it was awesome.

Kilauea Whale Breach

Our final stop of the day was Kealia beach just north of our condo for some fun playing in the waves.