Friday, June 26, 2009

Hold on to Your Wallets

In the name of global warming (a theory that is as unsupported by science as it is supported) our government is today voting on a bill that will increase our taxes by $2 trillion and eliminate millions of US jobs.

According to The Heritage Foundation, Cap and Trade:
1. Is a Massive Energy Tax
2. Will Not Make A Substantive Impact on the Environment
3. Will Kill Jobs
4. Will Cause Electricity Bills and Gas Prices to Sharply Increase
5. Will Outsource Manufacturing Jobs and Hurt Free Trade
6. Will Make You Choose Between Energy, Groceries, Clothing or Haircuts.
7. Will Be Highly Susceptible to Fraud and Corruption
8. Will Hurt Senior Citizens, the Poor, and the Unemployed the Worst
9. Will Cost American Families Over $3,000 a Year
10. President Obama Admitted “Electricity Rates Would Necessarily Skyrocket” under a cap-and-trade program. (January 2008)

Members of our House of Representatives will be asked to vote on this bill today just hours after receiving the final 1,000+ page document. A responsible representative would read through a document he or she was asked to vote on. It's not possible when only given a few hours to do it. The attitude in Washington seems to be "hurry up and push it though before anyone knows what's in it."

According to Congresswoman Michelle Bachmann on the Chris Baker show this morning, 85% of the taxes generated by this bill will go to special interest groups. She says you can also expect to pay 75% more at the gas pump, twice as much for electricity and 55% more for natural gas (as of yet I have not been able to validate these statements). To see how this bill will impact people in your district, read this article and look at the attached table.


Lance said...

It's all about enslaving the masses under the tyranny of a few. I would clarify your opening statement, that global warming allegedly caused by carbon emissions is far less supported by accurate science than it is supported. Nevertheless the theory is still supported by many "scientists" and a certain Nobel prize winner who can't tell the truth and won't agree to debate the opposition.
Solar activity is a far more reliable correlation to global temperature, but to admit that fact the government would have to give up hope of controlling our lifestyles and redistributing our prosperity.
And who's to say that we even know what the ideal climate is, if you buy the notion that we could control it? Maybe a 0.5 degree celsius increase would even have positive effects on crop yields. And if you do honest research you'll find that more people freeze to death than die of heat. If only we could feed the poor and starving people with the mass of our productive resources that goes to waste with Ethanol.
I'm not saying we should dump our motor oil into lakes or set fire to forests and intentionally be bad stewards. But it is the height of arrogance to assume that we as mere humans have the ultimate say over God's creation (See Psalm 65 and 104 for starters). HE has created and HE sustains His creation, marvelously allowing us to participate in the care and cultivation of the MIRACLE that He provided that we may live on this earth. I firmly believe that our human sinful nature will result in the violent destruction of our human race long before we exhaust the resources of this beautiful planet. Of course, God will only be tolerant of evil for so long until He comes to redeem His Bride and judge the rebels.

The Greene's said...

Well spoken Lance and I agree with all the points you mentioned Bec. Even if all those things weren't true and it was, in fact, a legitimate bill to pass I am absolutely DUMBFOUNDED that anyone could think it is good politics, good policy for the country or any other good [insert thing here] that they would possibly vote a 1,000+ page bill through after just receiving it. Grrrrr, tyranny now :) To the politicians who said they did read it I have this to say - B as in B...S as in S (to quote the flashlight king)...
Ultimately though, as mad as it makes me, I just have to remind myself that God is in fact still on the throne :)

Sean said...

Sarah, you make an excellent point there regarding God's ultimate contol.

This bill unfortunately passed the House we'll see how it fares in the Senate. The final sentence from this article in the Wall Street Journal,, sums up my fears: "Americans should know that those Members who vote for this climate bill are voting for what is likely to be the biggest tax in American history." Cap & Trade is accepted by Democrats and Republicans to increase utility bills and gas prices. One widely accepted amount is gas prices to increase by $1 per gallon. Can you afford another $1/gallon of gas? Watch how many gallons of gas you use in the month of July and multiply by 12, that's how much more per year you'll be spending in gasoline alone. While you're counting your gallons think about how many people rely on gasoline, delivery companies will pass those costs on to you the consumer (everything, yes everything, in your grocery store was delivered on a truck). How do you think businesses that rely on tourism will fare when fewer people can afford to travel? It's unfortunate how fear tactics have lead this country astray for the last few years, from laws regulating what kind of light bulbs YOU can buy to huge "stimulus" payments to tax payers and big business. Isn't it ironic that President Bush gave checks to tax payers that increased taxes on the wealthy while the majority of Republicans would agree that taxes are bad and now we watch President Obama bailing out big businesses (banks and car manufactueres) while most Democrats agree that big business is bad?