Thursday, November 19, 2009

Things I Learned Today

  1. I think some of the naughty things my children do are funny even though I shouldn't
  2. Boys cannot be trusted in the bathroom
  3. Bath toys float in bath tubs and toilets (okay I didn't actually learn this today, but I'm sure that is what my recently-turned-two-year-old learned)
  4. An effective potty seat costs more than $10
  5. The inventor of pull-ups was on to something
  6. I need a lot more patience to make it through the potty training of another boy
  7. Poop comes in all different shapes and numbers. You know, like octagon and... (or so says our almsot-four-year-old after examining his sister's diaper. For any therapists who read this blog, please keep me in the dark about the underlying issues that manifest themselves in poop obsessions...ignorance is bliss).
  8. And just now I learned that so much of my day revolves around waste that, apparently, I think it's a good subject for a blog post


Dale said...

I can personally confirm Jack's observation regarding poop.

Crayon Wrangler said...

Love this format! Look forward to having the time (if ever) to read more!

John and Lisa Webster said...

A post about poop on YOUR blog?! I find that hysterical! Love it! :)