Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Snakes and Birds and Such

Perhaps Jack was on to something when he first referred to his baby sister as "Snake."

The legend of the Strawberry Bird...

It all began with a nest of pillows and some innocent parental prodding (what kind of bird are you? a flamingo? can you stand on one leg? can you hop? no? oh, you're a different kind of bird now? a strawberry bird? hmm,what do they do?) and ended with an ever expanding nest of couch cushions and a little flapping and running around the kitchen. Soon both of our sons were panting and sweating as they gleefully went from room to room "tweeting."

Pardon the blurry hands. They were just flapping too fast.


Take a peak at the Strawberry Birds in action...

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Michelle said...

Hey Beckie! I discovered your blog through Sarah's:) Hilarious post!! Leave it to kids to come up with this crazy original stuff... I especially love the blurry hands pictures.

Oh, and one more random thing...A lady at church that I do nursery coordinating with is married to a guy (Ross Tjarks)who is interviewing for a help desk position at Digi. I thought of you and Sean right away:) Anyways, I guess he is going in for his 3rd interview tomorrow (8/18)and would be working with Chris Lappi, and so I told her I'd put in a good word for him (I know it's a big company and all, but I thought I'd pass the info on anyhow:)

Blessings, Michelle Wilcox