Monday, September 7, 2009

The Babies

No longer one-on-one (yes, I realize it's been 8 months since we were), we have come up with various ways to reference our child-groupings. This makes it easier when we need to split the child responsibilities. I can simply say, "You deal with the boys, I'll take Elise" instead of using their oh-so-complex-and-long names (okay, okay I know they're not complex or long, but many time saving tools must be implemented to achieve (?) that exists in our house). Jack and Wesley are often referred to as "the boys" or "the big kids." My favorite is when we get to group Jack and Elise (doesn't happen very often) and refer to them as "the bookends." Wesley and Elise are referred to as "the babies" because, while Wesley may not be a baby anymore, he was still a baby when Elise was born.

I wonder if the Duggars implement such time-saving techniques in their soon-to-be 21 person family.

Anyway...this post happens to be about the babies, neither of whom look much like babies anymore...sniff, sniff (will someone get me a tissue please?).

"Elise, that's your sippy cup. You get a drink from it."
"Like this, watch"

"Oh, nevermind. I'll just do it for you."
After mastering her "sippy cup technique," Elise went on to more
interesting things like discovering that her brother has feet.

I would just like to assure everyone that the fact that Elise's sippy cup matches her dress is purely coincidental. Child-group references don't save that much time.


Lorie Crandall said...

so cute... and that dress - adorable!

Sarah said...

We have "the boys", "the babies" and "Noah". Poor Noah...

John and Lisa Webster said...

I'd have to agree with Lorie!

The Greene's said...

Look at those 2 cuties!