Thursday, September 10, 2009

Getting Together

August 31st was a momentus occassion for (most of) the Starkey family. For Wes and Elise, it marked their first time to the "Great Minnesota Get Together" as our state fair is more commonly referred to. For Sean, it was his first time to the fair in at least 20 years and, despite a bum foot and an intense dislike for all crowded places, on our way out the gates was talking about our return trip next year. The only thing about next year is that we'll need to budget all summer to be able to feed and entertain 5 people. Very little exotic food was consumed among us, but we did eat Pronto Pups, a state fair staple. One of the first things Jack asked when we got there was if there were any ice cream cones. When we confirmed that, yes, there were ice cream cones that's all he thought about until he had one. Before lunch.

We explored the animal barns. We all thought the bleeting sheep were pretty funny (and loud!) and loved seeing the week old piglets. The cow barn was full of traffic with people bringing a new round of animals (is that what it's called? a new round? I apologize to my farming family who actually knows about all that stuff - I just make it up). As much as we wanted to experience the Miracle of Life, the barn was packed from wall to wall and it was impossible (actually, impossible doesn't even begin to describe it) to follow a man and his three-year-old while pushing a double stroller. So we went in one door and immediately got in line to leave through the next closest door.

We had to stop and watch the water at Ye Old Mill. Maybe next year we'll all get in one of those little boats.
And of course we hit the Kidway. Jack got the first ride - a "buggy" (interpretation: 4-wheeler). Wesley was too short.

We found one that Wes could ride. He did smile part of the time. I just didn't catch it.

Last year when Jack and I went to the fair we just walked by the Kidway and saw bumper boats. He remembered seeing them last year and insisted on riding this year. Again, Wesley was too little. Maybe next year, Wes.

One more ride for both boys. Wes was having fun "beeping" the horn (if you can call such an obnoxious noise "beeping"). Jack - Mr. Serious - was concentrating on his driving.

Four rides and $20 (yes $20!) later we headed across the street and found this display:

Any guesses?

What about now?

Okay, okay. Guessing game is over. We spent at least 30 minutes "driving" Bobcats. The boys had to try them all.

The funny thing is that this display was about 20 feet away and they had no interest in playing there.

We wrapped up our fair trip by watching Garage Logic for about 45 minutes. I think this is what convinced Sean that the fair isn't so bad and that he could maybe go back next year.

Our children weren't quite as entertained as Sean was.

In the true spirit of "getting together," Jack turned the camera on all of those that had "gotten together."

A very close up of "Daddy"

The whole family really liked this guy.
I was standing next to him holding Elise and she kept reaching for him.

No idea.

Apparently Jack liked these girls because we have several pictures of them.

Another one

And another


Sean said...

I think you misunderstood what I meant by next year. We'll just leave it at that for now.

John and Lisa Webster said...

Looks like fun!