Monday, January 18, 2010


The weather in our neck of the woods has been a balmy 34 the last few days so the snow and ice (remnants from the previous few snow storms) that has coated our driveway has finally started to melt. I was out there Saturday, plastic shovel in hand, trying to chip away at the 1/2 inch thick sheet of ice near the top of the driveway. The boys thought it was great - Mama was playing in the snow! They both grabbed shovels and began racing around the driveway. A little too fast for Wes, however. Remember that sheet of ice I mentioned? He ran across it, wiped out and was lying on his back under the eave of the garage. And remember how I said it was 34? Above freezing? So the snow is melting? As the drips from the melting snow on the roof plummeted down, Wes began waiving his hands in front of his face saying "Wain, wain. No wain."

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Dale said...

Since Wes said no to wain (sic), how does he feel about wax?