Monday, January 24, 2011

Baby Fever

We had the privilege of meeting baby Eleanora on Saturday and the baby fever ensued. Not for me (okay...maybe a little for me), but for Elise. We know she loves her "babies" at home - pushing them around all day in their bosher (stroller for anyone that isn't fluent in Elise) and making sure they always have their blankies. But we had no idea what her reaction would be when she had the chance to meet a real baby. One, I might add, that is not much bigger than the dolls she sleeps with. She instantly fell in love! Her first request? "See dat baby?" To which her uncle Joel (my arms were full of "dat baby" at the time) obliged her request and picked her up to so she could see his new bundle of joy. Her second request? "Hode dat baby?" Next came, "Rock dat baby?" She would have hugged, kissed, rocked, loved and "mommy-ed" that baby all day I think.




Lorie & Joel, we are so happy for you and excited for you to venture down the road of parenthood. Thank you so much for letting us visit you and meet your new baby girl. We can't wait to see her again.


Lorie Crandall said...

Love it! Your kids did such a good job too. I think elise needs to come hold her again soon, right?

Beckie said...

Elise is still talking about baby Eleanora! We would love to come visit her again. Let's chat this week about when would be a good time to come up. I'll have some freezer meals to deliver as well.

Lisa Webster said...

So precious! Elise is going to have lots of little girls looking up to her. :)

Lorie Crandall said...

Hope you don't mind that I "stole" the pics to put in my shutterfly acct. Send me any others! :)

We'd LOVE for you to come visit!