Thursday, April 24, 2008

How to Save Millions in HR Costs

As an HR professional in a field that many employees don't know even exists, I tend to get a little defensive when the HR profession as a whole is over-simplified...

I was listening to a radio show this morning and the discussion turned to school uniforms and whether or not that takes away a student’s ability to express his/her individuality. The talk show host maintained that it didn’t; it was a requirement of the school and it was more an issue of dressing appropriately for the environment than an inability to express indivuality, similar to a dress code at work. The caller responded with, “Well, we know not everyone dresses appropriately for work, otherwise we wouldn’t need HR.”

So if a company can train its managers to enforce the dress code, it can get rid of HR altogether and save millions! I think I’m going to steal this idea, market myself as a “consultant” to Fortune 500 companies and cash in.

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