Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Zoo Day

We visited the MN Zoo today since it was so nice - mid 60's and sunny. It was a little windy, but still nice enough to be outside. We have ample opportunity to see the indoor exhibits during the winter so we took advantage of our opportunity to be outside and went to see the farm and all the baby farm animals. Jack learned the name of another baby animal on the way out there: goslings. There was a mama goose sitting on her nest right by the path.

We had to stop and see the tigers on our way out to the farm. Jack was talking about them all the way to the zoo. I think he likes these statues just as much as the real thing.

The chicken barn has some funny photo opps:Jack as a chicken

Wesley as a chicken

I had to use the timer to get any pictures with Wesley. Apparently 10 seconds is too long for a 2-year-old to wait because this was supposed to be a picture of both boys...where's Jack?

Jack with all his chicken friends. He kept asking me what their names were.


John and Lisa Webster said...

Your boys are SO CUTE! I love your comment about the timer and Jack missing from the picture!

Holly said...

We went to the zoo and saw the baby farm animals too! There were some baby goats that we kept looking at, they were so cute. We missed the chicken barn... might have to go back there! :)