Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Birthday Bash

It seems like the only milestones I ever post about are for the kids, but last Saturday evening we celebrated an important milestone for Sean...his 30th birthday! In honor of his long lasting love of video games, we had a Guitar Hero tournament complete with stage and costumed participants. Thanks again to everyone who attended and to all the good sports who come in full Rock Star garb. Below are a few pictures.

Lisa & John played the first round.
Sarah & Shannon...rock queens.
Brian & Scott...obviously concentrating very hard.
Heidi &
Heidi & Sean...the final round.


Sarah said...

Lovely. The things people will do for you, Sean...

Beckie, you've been tagged.
See The Overflowing Cup. for more info.

Sean said...

Thank you all for coming! I had a great time!

Lorie Crandall said...

so fun!
Sarah P - would you email me pictures that you took? I'd love them.

John and Lisa Webster said...

Scarier? That hurts.

Sarah said...

Lorie, I'll post pics soon.