Sunday, March 1, 2009

At least think of something more creative

The kids and I ventured out last week and, based on the comments we got, you'd think we'd arrived in a bus with a trailer and about 10 more people. We made a quick stop at Barnes & Noble to play with Thomas and then headed over to the mall. As we were walking in (Elise and Wesley in the double stroller with Jack running along side) a woman was walking in next to us giving us sideways glances.

Lady: "Do you have a third one in that seat?" (referring to Elise).
Me: "Yes"
Lady: "You're brave"
Me: "Well, you have to go out sometime"
Lady: "Are they all yours?" (uncreative line #1)
Me: "Yes, all of them" (I don't really think it's that many)
Lady: "You must be busy" (uncreative line #2)
Me: "Yes" (all the while thinking, Lady, you have no idea)

When leaving the mall, we hopped on the elevator with another mom and her two children in strollers.

Other Mom: "How old is your little one?"
Me: "Almost two months"
Other Mom: While looking over the rest of the brood, "You must be busy" (does this sound familiar?)
Me: "Hmm...yes"

Why don't people say what they're actually thinking? Something like:
  • You're crazy to have all those kids
  • Don't you know how this happens?
  • That must have been a mistake, accident, etc.
  • Your house must be in shambles
  • No wonder you're...not wearing make-up, have greasy hair, wearing wrinkled clothes (pick your favorite)

Then I think about our dear friends who have three rambunctious, yet lovable, little boys and are expecting twins in the next few weeks and I eagerly anticipate the myriad of comments that will come their way when they go out. It puts into perspective the very few "you must be busy" comments I have received and reminds me to keep my stereotypical, cliche comments to myself.

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Sarah said...

Yeah, thanks, we can't wait for it either!