Monday, March 9, 2009

Life Is a Highway

Around our house the "Cars" theme song has become a well-known tune. We often hear our older son belting out "Life is a highway. I wanna drive it all that long. Gimme gimme air" while racing Lighting McQueen all over his road rug (a small rug w/ roads, trees and bridges all over it). Sean and I have both tried to correct him telling him, "No, Jack, it's all night long." The response was always a blank stare and then a continuation of the same incorrect line of the song over and over again.

Last week we were riding in the car listening to a little Tom Cochran on the iPod (you must be listening to Life is a Highway if you're driving on the highway - it's a rule) and Jack says to me, "Mommy, did you hear them say 'I wanna drive it all night long'?" "Yes, honey," was my reply. To which, Jack's response was "Huh, maybe I should sing that too." Great idea, Jack.

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