Thursday, October 29, 2009

Almost-Four-Year-Old Wisdom

We made mac-n-cheese for lunch today. The boys wanted to see and Elise was crabby, which means one arm was busy holding her. I picked up Wesley to take a look at the non-boiling water in the pot which, for some reason, is enthralling to an almost-two-year-old. While he was taking his turn Jack decided that he needed to have a look right then as well. I told him I couldn't pick him up because I only had two hands and they were full with two babies - he would need to wait his turn. To which he replied, "An octopus could lift us all up." And from that moment on I wished I was an octopus...or at least that I had 6 more arms.


The Greene's said...

Although, if you did have another 6 arms, then you would be obligated to use those ones too! I think I'd stick with just 2 :)

Funny though, Zach seems to all of a sudden be intensely interested in what is going on on the stove and in the washing machine....must be an "at that age" thing!

Beckie said...

Wesley is absolutely fascinated with the washing machine too! Ours has a glass top so he can see the clothes being washed. One day he sat up on the dryer and watched the clothes in the washer for 20 minutes! Every time I would try to get him down he would whine. Yesterday I washed the kids' blankets and as soon as Wes got his out of the dryer he wanted me to put it in the wash so he could watch it.

sean said...

I'm glad you're not an octopus.