Thursday, March 4, 2010

Snow Day

I wish it had been a real snow day complete with closed schools, work and roads, but since it wasn't a day that we would normally go to work or school, it was close enough. Well, most of us weren't at work. This happened to be one of the days that Sean was in India so he had to miss out on the snow day altogether. Poor Sean. Or maybe not. He also missed out on the shoveling/snowblowing of the 12+ inches of snow that came with our pretend snow day.

Each consecutive child has been exposed to winter a little earlier than their sibling(s). This is likely a common phenomenon given that the big kids beg to go outside and see no good reason why they shouldn't be playing in the snow even though one of their siblings may or may not be able to move one tiny bit once all the appropriate snow gear has been put on. Needless to say, I caved to the big kids, we bundled up and headed out in the snow.

This was Elise's first real experience in snowpants. Her brother's snowpants. And her brother's coat, mittens and shoes (we have no boots that small). She did get to wear her own pink hat, though. Lucky girl. At first she didn't like being bundled up (big surprise), but once we got outside she didn't mind.


Elise and Wes liked being pulled on the sled. I tried to get all three of them on the sled, but with all those clothes they just wouldn't fit.

Then Elise got out of the sled. She didn't like that as much. Scooting around in the snow isn't quite like scooting around in the kitchen.

Then she tried to eat some snow and it was colder than she wanted it to be. She didn't like that. She also didn't like her brother's mittens anymore...or her brother's shoes...or her brother's snowpants.

She was done in the snow!

She didn't mind being in the stroller watching her brothers, though.

The boys?

Loved it!

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Danielle and Ryan said...

That picture of Elise in the stroller is so cute! Those eyes!