Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Bumpin' along... their little red wagon. They barely fit in there, but we managed a successful wagon ride on one of the warmer days at the beginning of the great thaw. Obviously this picture was taken a while ago since there is no snow in sight near our house anymore. Woohoo!

In fact, we're having a week warm enough to shed some of the layers that are usually necessary for an outdoor (even indoor somedays) adventure. For our children who so desperately want to play outside but have been relegated to only indoor games (not to be confused with reindeer games) due to bitter temps and biting winds, the shedding of layers was quite confusing. Yesterday when I gave Jack his clothes so he could get dressed he questioned, "I only have three things?!" Yes, dear one, you are (hopefully) free of undershirts, overshirts and sweatshirts until next winter and most days from here on out you'll "only have three things!" to put on each morning.

The rest of us are "bumpin' right along" too, despite the lack of updates recently on the ol' blog. Work at work and work at home has consumed much of time for things such as blogging, reading, sleeping, etc. Except(!) I have made a little time here and there to enjoy my wonderful, fabulous, totally unexpected, awesome new birthday present. Remember how I said Sean is the best gift-giver I know? (If you don't remember read the new side bar). Well he proved me right again. More on that later.

For now, I'll leave you with a memory of one of the indoor games of days past and say "farewell" to the delicious smells and cozy feeling that baking cookies produces.

In exchange, we say "hello" to summer, late nights, long walks, sprinkler sprinkles, bare feet and grass between our toes!

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