Monday, July 14, 2008

Did we need to go to the zoo for this?

We spent the morning at the zoo with Shannon, Adelyn and Alyse. We checked out the new exhibit: Russia's Grizzly Coast. We saw the grizzly bears swimming right up by the glass. The first time we went through the otters were nowhere to be found, but we caught a glimpse of them on our way back through. The biggest hit for Jack was, of course, the sand box. There were woolly mammoth "bones" buried in it that he had fun digging up. Below are some pictures of some of the fun things the kids did while we were there. Really, we were at the zoo.

What else, but digging in the sand?
Do you see a trend?

Adelyn chased Jack through the new fountain outside of Russia's Grizzly Coast.

Jack stood under the tall sprinklers commenting on how it was like a shower.

I think they had the most fun in this fountain...the one outside of the main entrance to the zoo...the one that you don't have to pay

By the way, Wesley was there too. It's just that pictures of a baby sitting in a stroller really aren't that interesting. He's at the age now where he is aware of the animals and finds them a little bit interesting, but he has to sit in the stroller because he's too big to hold and too little to walk. So I'm one of the obnoxious moms who is trying to push a double stroller up to the exhibits so her baby can see, blocking the view of other children who will appreciate the animals much more and ramming ankles along the way.

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