Tuesday, February 16, 2010


"Strategic" has become one of those business buzz words that most people in the office are guilty of using on a too frequent basis: "If we want to strategically position our strategy in our strategic market, we need to align our strategists to support the strategy." We identify strategic partners, strategic accounts, strategic markets, strategic investments, strategic acquisitions, strategic blah, blah, blah. When it comes to business strategy most people just hear "blah, blah, blah."

But what about God's strategy? I know, "strategy," right? I recently finished a study on a book called The Monday Morning Church in which the author tries to help the readers see their current circumstances as God's strategic positioning for them. Huh. You mean I have this job in this city with these people for a reason other than making money and the reason isn't so I can be happy? A perspective the world doesn't understand? Yep. A perspective that was a mere concept until recently for yours truly? Yes, ma'am.

Although some people may think I'm radical (okay, only one person has ever called me radical and I happen to think that person is wrong since I'm about as radical as George Washington), it may surprise you to find out that I'm really rather reserved. Especially about my faith. Especially at work. So when someone came to my office looking for some practical help (a "luxury" I'm often afforded in HR) and I felt prompted to pray for the person right then and there, you can imagine my response:
Seriously, God? You want me to cry with this person right now? You want me to offer to pray for this person? Don't you know I'm at work? Don't you know I'm supposed to remain professional at all times?
And then I remembered that God put me in this job in this city so I could respond with His love to this person right then and there. So I did. And it wasn't the "big bad scary thing" I thought it would be. And the next time it happens, maybe my response won't be: Seriously, God?


Sarah said...

!! Amen.

The Greene's said...

Way to go Bec! Awesome having those realizations about God, His sovereignty (sp?) and giving control over to Him despite ourselves :)