Monday, February 8, 2010

What I (Sean) Did Sunday Night

You know how funny and witty I am already so I won't waste your time with one liners. This is 5 minutes of how I spent over 4 hours Sunday evening. I look forward to your comments and questions and raise a challenge to the readers: whoever can find the most absurd thing gets 1 rupee.


Sarah said...

This must be the country of origin for seeing a bright light right before you die.
Did you ever wonder if it was more than just headlights...
I'd have to say the cow was definitely the most absurd thing I saw.

The Greene's said...

Wow - that must have been a looong 4 hrs!

1. What kind of vehicle were you riding in?

2. What was the clicking noise we kept hearing?

3. Who burped? And if no such burp occured, what sound was that?

I loved the cow and it was, indeed, perfect timing!

I think the most absurd thing was the way the person was driving erratically and honking at others as if they were the ones causing the problem - hahaha!

Sean said...

@Sarah, everyone drives with their bright lights on all the time. Unless their flashing their lights at someone. It's hard to tell from the video but you are literally blinded for a few moments every time you pass an oncoming vehicle. The trucks/buses are the worst because they're up higher. Of course there's always the random driver with no lights on...or a cart being pulled by oxen.

@The Greene's(Sarah I assume) It was a very long 4 hours. I tried to sleep but the bright lights, honking, and fear of dying kept me awake.

1. Toyota Innova - it's a cross between an SUV and minivan. There were 5 adults and 3 kids along for the ride. Zero car seats. Traveling without car seats is much easier.

2. The clicking noise was the driver flashing his lights. I'm not sure what he did more, flash his lights or honk. After a weekend of riding in the front passenger seat I kind of had it figured out though: when you pass on the right you honk to notify the person you are passing to pull over, if you're passing and another vehicle is coming in the opposite direction you honk and flash your lights to notify the oncoming car.

3. Ummm, the burp was either the driver or my co-worker's 60-year-old mother. They were both burping constantly.

re: honking: from an American perspective honking only happens when someone does something wrong to you; in India honking is how you communicate with others around you and it is constant.

I will try to post a video of daytime city driving in the near future. This morning I was thinking the whole way to work that I should've been video taping and then, right before we got to the office, some guy backed out of a driveway right into a car...hard. Unbelievable!