Friday, July 23, 2010

Five Question Friday

Join Mama M for some Friday Fun.

1. What were your school colors?

High school? Oh this reminds me of a cheer! Yes, I was a cheerleader. But not a traditional cheerleader. Our claps weren't stiff, we didn't do stunts and we stomped...a lot. Ready for that cheer?

Red, gray and white (psst...those are the colors),  na na na na na
We're out of sight na na na na na.
We're gonna win so na na na
Stick that in your na na na na na na na na na woo!

Classy, I know.

College? Maroon and gold, baby. But probably not the maroon and gold most Minnesotans think of. That maroon and gold came later during grad school.

2. What's the best compliment you ever received?

Okay, so I don't know if this is the best compliment ever, but in the recent past one of my coworkers came up behind me and squealed, "you look so skinny I didn't even recognize you." Now I surely wouldn't classify myself as skinny, but given that I've worked very hard to drop 30 pounds in the last 8 months it was a compliment I was definitely grateful for.

But that answer seems a bit shallow. So it got me thinking (since I like to modify questions at will): What is the best compliment you hope to ever receive?

My answer? Well done, good and faithful servant... Only by His grace.

3. Do you buy cheap or expensive toilet paper?

I don't know. It's not generic, but I try to get it on sale and use a coupon.

4. Have you ever had a surprise party thrown for you? Or have you had one for someone else?

I feel so blessed to be able to answer this with a big "yes!" My wonderful husband and an amazing friend planned a surprise party for me for my 29th birthday. It was unforgettable. I felt so loved and so honored. I believe it will live in infamy as my favorite birthday party ever.

5. What is one material possession that you "can't live without"?

There is nothing material in this world that I couldn't live without. Really. And if I could list something then shame on me.


Tweet said...

Passing through by way of 5QF.

I love your answers! Especially the last one. You're right on target! Looking through your blog I think we'd be good friends (weird comment, I know, but still going to make myself look silly!).

Thanks for sharing!!!

The Mama Bird said...

I happened upon your blog (through 5QF) and I'm glad I did! I love your answer to #5. And #2. :)