Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Zoo Zoo Oh Wonderful Zoo

We go to the zoo a lot. And by a lot I mean that we probably average three times per month. I guess maybe it doesn't seem like that much when I put it that way, but when we decide on a whim that it's zoo day it sure seems like a lot of work to keep the children amused while I pack lunches, clothe the children, remind them for the one-millionth time that the toys need to be cleaned up before we leave, pack the diaper bag, strap them in car seats, load the stroller and ensure we haven't left anything (or one) behind. But when we get there and they're giddy with excitement about seeing the bird show or touching the sting rays or watching the Komodo dragon, I'm reminded that it's worth all the effort.

Our own version of "monkeys" watching the Snow Monkeys - one of their most favorite places to stop.

Elise could stand and watch the fish in the big aquarium all day long.

Jack could climb on the ledge in front of the aquarium all day long.

Wesley? Couldn't care less about the aquarium. He'd actually prefer we didn't even bother, especially when the diver is feeding the fish. The combination of mask, flippers, bubbles and scary Darth Vader voice coming over the speaker is just too much for him.

He prefers the outside trails anyway, which we take advantage of as often as we can during the nice weather months because once it gets cold we're relegated to indoor trails only.

Near the end of one of the trails is the tiger lair where you often get an "up close and personal" experience with a tiger as it paces back and forth right on the other side of the glass. I mean, right on the other side...within inches if you so choose. Interesting enough for the kids, but apparently that type of experience with a living, breathing, moving, real live tiger pales in comparison to the bronzed tiger statues a few feet away. The ones that now all of our children insist on climbing on. This was Elise's first time climbing on the tigers and I'm sure it won't be her last.

Not Jack's first time.

A trip to the zoo is not complete without a picnic lunch. I prefer the indoor accommodations because of the bug-free, bird-poop-free, wind-free eating. And the high chairs. The boys prefer a picnic table outside because of their "freedom" to roam while eating (I'm not sure when they assumed said freedom because it was never actually granted, but some things just aren't worth the battle so I go with it). Elise? She prefers to eat her lunch anywhere...

...instead of waiting for her mother to finish taking pictures of her.

 She's such a good sport.


sean said...

I love the zoo. I should work there.

Beckie said...

That's fine as long as they pay you more than $13/hour.