Thursday, July 15, 2010

Like Mother Brother, Like Daughter Sister

On Memorial Day weekend, it wasn't just the boys getting dirty this year. Elise was a full fledged member of "Club Sandy Pants."

It started out innocent enough, sitting on the beach with the sand toys.

But then we got some water involved and the sand got a little sticky...and she touched it...and then touched her face.

She didn't like first.

As the following pictures illustrate, it turns out she didn't really mind the sand on her face...

or her clothes.

Or maybe she just didn't notice right away.

As much as I'd like to assume she's thinking "How is mom ever going to get these clothes clean?" I'm not naive enough to bet on that (not that I'd bet anyway since I'm not really a wagering person, but you know).

We did eventually get all the sand out of her clothes...and her hair...and her mouth...and off her face...and...

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